Sharon Coates is a prolific singer-songwriter from New York in the indie rock genre reminiscent of Neko Case & Suzanne Vega (with a little Lucinda Williams mixed in).

Sharon expresses in her songs a wry sense of humor along with a fascination with the natural world and the human experience. The result is fun and deeply interesting songs that expose a mixture of rock styles. You will find universal and timely themes such as the passage of time, evolution, diversity, anti-violence and making the best of the challenges of living in a somewhat difficult time.



By Frank DeBlase, Music Critic - The City Newspaper

The title, and to a greater degree the words on "A Bullet Ain't Got a Name" — the opening track on Sharon Coates's beautiful new CD, "here now" — caught me unaware right out of the gate. It's been rolling around in my head for the past two days; a good lyric will do that. The song laments the futility in searching for ways to treat each other better. It's as if admitting defeat and accepting that futility is a step in the right direction.

The music on this artist's second album shares the stage with the words; another step in the right direction. Songs like "Got It All" shows a band that respects Coates's material and doesn't steamroll through it — although there is a sharp, dynamic incline the musicians, including trumpeter Dave Chisholm, capably mount in high gear toward the end of the tune. And there are sing along spots, like the tunes "Cathedral" and "What You Gonna Do?"

Coates sings simply and sweetly with no stunts and no drama; the entirety of "here now" earns its respect through everything she does and everything she avoids. "Here now" plays out as an extension of her debut, "Strange World," with the same insight and musical intrigue. It will make you sit up and listen ... more than a few times.

July 5, 2017


"HERE NOW"  - Full-length album release May 2017      

11 tracks of awesome!

ALBUM REVIEW: "Strange World" 

By Frank DeBlase, Music Critic - The City Newspaper

Some artistic types have an itch to express what's inside with whatever is their chosen medium. Sharon Coates must have a rash as she requires multiple disciplines: musician, glass artist, landscape artist. Her new CD, "Strange World," is kind of a landscaped affair with its big room and bigger sky feel. Sure, reverb helps to make statements like that valid and literal, but not everyone can paint with sheer emotion and vocal chords. Coates is one of those artists that can.

Coates mixes influences liberally, from rootsy singer-songwriter on the album's opening track, "It Was Me," to the gentle girl group grind of "My Own Tune," as well as pop and garage rock — dig the early Jefferson Airplane edge on the cut "8 Minutes." Lyrically, Coates isn't stuck in the love and love lost lane, instead she opts to initiate a conversation with Darwin. There's an overall pop rock continuity running throughout "Strange World," and the production is sweet thanks to Dave Drago, who recorded the project at his 1809 Studios. This one is a gem.

                    August 17, 2016